Bruce Law - Vancouver food photographer

Bruce Law - Vancouver food photographer


When I was young, my mother always told me not to play with my food. Like most kids, I was making rivers of gravy, mashed potato mountains and pushing the peas aside. 

Today, I still play with food, although less likely to make mountains from mashed potatoes. Today, I will shift with the water glass to see how it changes the light across the food, or I'll spin the plate around and squint at it. I drive restaurant serving staff crazy, "is anything wrong sir?"

I also look at the light. Light is amazing. I play with light. With light I can set the time of day, set the mood, tell a story. I can draw your eye to what I want you to see. It's like theatre - food is the star, light sets the story.

I don't seldom use natural light for those reasons. I light everything. I have total control. And with control I have the freedom to play.  So yes, I still play with food. 

Sorry mom.

Vancouver food photographer,  Bruce Law, has been producing food photography for local, national and inter-national brands for over 20 years.


Bruce is a food photographer who's career has spanned nearly three decades. His passion is seen in his photographs in magazines, cookbooks and advertising across North America.

Bruce's love of photography began in high school. He went on to study photography at Ryerson Polytechnical Institute in Toronto and for several years he made photographs that were seen in art galleries across North America.

Bruce has been producing engaging food photography for a variety of clients from regional favorites including Flying Wedge Pizza, Earls and The Boathouse, national names like Canada Bread, Venice Bakery and Milestone's as well as international brands Kraft, Quiznos and Landry's.

Bruce also enjoys road cycling. at a competitive level cyclist and where riding 60 or more miles on a Saturday with his cycling club is not unusual. In the fall of 2015, he rode from Vancouver to San Francisco in 14 days. 

Dream job? "Cycling through Europe photographing food. Not simultaneously!"