Vancouver food photographer

     didn't listen.



It's true. 

When I was young, my mother always told me not to play with my food. Like most kids, I was making rivers of gravy, mashed potato mountains and pushing the peas aside. 

Today, I still play with food, although less likely to make mountains from mashed potatoes. Today, I will shift with the water glass to see how it changes the light across the food, or I'll spin the plate around and squint at it. I drive restaurant serving staff crazy, "is anything wrong sir?"

I also look at the light. Light is amazing. I play with light. With light I can set the time of day, set the mood, tell a story. I can draw your eye to what I want you to see. It's like theatre - food is the star, light sets the mood.

I seldom use natural light for those reasons. I light everything. I have total control. And with control I have the freedom to play.  So yes, I still play with food. 

Sorry mom.